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Helping Customers Feel Right at Home

Cozy up with our best-in-class referral platform and loyalty programs that attract and reward customers for shopping with your home goods brand.

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The Talkable team truly cares about your success, including regular performance check-ins and offering recommendations for success. We’ve been very happy with our experience so far!

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Miranda Johnson, Growth Marketing Manager

Deliver personalized recommendations, elevate the shopping experience, and help customers love their space at home – while driving more revenue for your brand.

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Customize the Look and Feel of Your Offers

  • Creating campaigns that are consistent with your brand’s look and feel is not only important for the user experience, but it will also drive more meaningful engagement.
  • Customize campaigns from our extensive library of design templates that have been developed from continuous analysis of how consumers best engage with referral and loyalty programs.
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Reward with a Gift Card or Donation

  • For larger home purchases, it’s less likely that your shoppers will purchase multiple times in a year. Create momentum and excitement by rewarding customers with an Amazon gift card, or donate their rewards to a charity of choice.
  • Go beyond a standard loyalty program and reward customers for taking surveys, reviewing products, and more! Keep customers engaged so that when they are ready to make their next big ticket purchase, you’re top of mind.
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Choose Select Products for Rewards

  • Do you have seasonal products or product lines that need promotion? Product Sharing is a great way to push excess inventory or generate excitement around a new launch.
  • Do you have a group of select customers who you would like to have access to a pre-season sale, or sale items? Create a Friends & Family Campaign to help drive revenue for a limited-time and exclusive event.
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A/B Test Your Offers

Find the most enticing offer for your potential customers. Each campaign’s imagery, copy, and reward structure can be modified and tested to determine a top-performer.

Grow With Talkable

Build your home goods or furniture brand’s referral or loyalty program with the help of our strategists.

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Customer Success

A results-focused partner with over a decade of e-commerce experience

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Our referral marketing experts will act as an extension of your team and create, test, and optimize each campaign to ensure high-performance.

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Whether you’re looking for educational content, how to optimize your campaigns, or updates on new products and features, you’ll find it here.

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